Business Units

The operational business of the Schaltbau Group is divided into three segments: Mobile Transportation Technology, Stationary Transportation Technology and the Components segment. The segments work together closely with the aim of supplying customers comprehensively from one single source and leveraging synergies.

Mobile Transportation Technology

Schaltbau Bode Group

  • Door systems for rail vehicles, bus and automotive
  • Interiors and exteriors for rail vehicles and buses
  • Service and Refurbishment

Schaltbau Alte Group

  • Sanitary systems for rail vehicles
  • Composite solutions for interiors and exteriors
  • HVAC for rail vehicles

Schaltbau Sepsa Group

  • Auxiliary power for rail vehicles
  • Information and communication systems for rail vehicles

Schaltbau Refurbishment

  • e-Mobility
  • Rapid Chargers for e-buses and e-cars
  • Refurbishment of rail vehicles and rail vehicle components
  • Electrical installations for rail vehicles
  • Obsolescence solutions
  • Service

Stationary Transportation Technology

Schaltbau Pintsch Group

Rail Infrastructure

  • Signal technology
  • Point heating systems
  • Shunting technology
  • Tunnel security lighting
  • Platform screen doors


Schaltbau GmbH Group

Electromechanical components for

  • rail vehicles
  • energy generation
  • material handling
  • and other industrial applications

Driver desk and cab for

  • rail vehicles