Schaltbau Sepsa Group

Schaltbau Sepsa is among the world market leaders with auxiliary power supply systems for rolling stock. In addition, Schaltbau Sepsa delivers embedded on-board systems for passenger information and control using the most advanced technologies. This includes innovative CCTV systems, self-diagnosis capabilities, on-board infotainment equipment as well as cutting-edge technology for service and maintenance.

Schaltbau Sepsa has a track record of more than 29,000 converters and 35,000 onboard systems installed in railway vehicles in more than 30 countries. Its superior technology position is secured by R&D investments which regularly exceed 10% of the annual sales of the company.

Production sites are located in Pinto (Spain), where the company is headquartered, in New York (USA) and in Sao Paulo (Brazil). To assist clients all over the world, Schaltbau Sepsa has sales offices and a network of agents in more than 20 countries.

Schaltbau Sepsa