SBRS – Efficiency First

SBRS stands for the customised solutions provided by Schaltbau Refurbishment GmbH. The company focuses on the full and partial modernisation of trains, including ancillary services. It leverages the Schaltbau Group’s broad range of products and solutions, including its on-board converters, air conditioning units, door and boarding systems, sanitary systems, interiors, driver’s cab equipment, lighting systems and high- and low-voltage switchgear. SBRS deploys these tried-and-tested products to develop, design and implement customer-specific refurbishing and retrofitting solutions.

SBRS e-mobility solutions are a result of the Schaltbau Group’s combined expertise in the field of energy systems as well as its skill in developing customised applications in the form of state-of-the-art charging infrastructure systems for electric vehicles such as e-buses for urban use. The high-performance quick charging stations ideally provide the high volumes of energy required by public transport and industrial shuttle services. The increasingly strict regulations that promote climate protection and improve the quality of air in our cities and municipalities are driving a growing demand for the Schaltbau Group’s e-mobility solutions.

SBRS is based in Dinslaken, Germany and has existed in its present form since 2016.

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Alte specialises in fully integrated sanitary modules for regional and long-distance railway carriages. Schaltbau Alte also supply heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems as well as interior fittings made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic for all train types.

Alte’s range of products and services covers development, production, commissioning and maintenance as well as after-sales service and refurbishment. Most of its products are manufactured at the Alte plant in Lliça de Vall, Barcelona (Spain).

Alte was jointly founded by Albatros and Temoinsa in 2008 with the idea of concentrating the wealth of experience the two companies had gained in the sanitary and HVAC fields. Alte has been part of the Schaltbau Group since 2014.

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