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Trust and responsibility

As a global supplier in the railway and automotive industries, Schaltbau is committed to excellence, honesty, integrity and conduct in accordance with the applicable laws. The trust of our customers, business partners and employees is our most valuable asset.

In order to maintain this trust, we strive to align our conduct with the highest business and ethical standards, applicable laws and guidelines. We have to protect and foster this trust every day anew.

When it comes to preventing and combating harmful misconduct in the workplace, we depend on the support of every individual. This is the only way that compliance violations can be detected at an early stage, perpetrators identified, further damage prevented and jobs secured. We want to protect whistleblowers effectively and offer you a communication platform secured with the latest technology for submitting anonymous messages. In addition, the option to set up an anonymous mailbox at the end of your message allows you to actively participate in clarifying the situation.

The whistleblower portal

Schaltbau Group Dr. Jürgen Brandes, Vorstandsvorsitzender

„A value-drive corporate culture requires trust – and that is a responsibility for every single one of us. Our anonymous whistleblowing system is an important building block for ensuring the lasting well-being of our company.”

Dr. Jürgen Brandes, CEO of Schaltbau Group
Why report something?

The trust between Schaltbau, our customers and employees is our most important asset. Perhaps you – even if you are a third party – are aware of harmful conduct within the company but are too shy to share this information personally.

We want to effectively protect you as a whistleblower by enabling you to submit your information on a secure communication platform. If you wish, you can remain completely anonymous!

Which information is relevant?

Please report violations of applicable laws, guidelines or codes of conduct such as:

  • Corruption, antitrust offences and fraud
  • Information on occurrences likely to affect financial reporting or auditing
  • Serious violations of our compliance rules
  • Bullying, harassment or other types of discrimination
  • Violations of labour and environmental regulations
  • Violations of data protection regulations and IT security policies

Furthermore, you will receive support on questions related to reports submitted in the whistleblower system – anonymously if required.

How is anonymity guaranteed?

The anonymity of our whistleblower system is certified by an independent body. We are interested in information that averts damage, not in you as a whistleblower:

  • When setting up your protected mailbox, you select the pseudonym, username and password yourself. This access data is only known to you.
  • Your message is kept anonymous by encryption and other security measures. You do not need to provide personal information or use a terminal provided by your employer.
  • You remain anonymous at all times during the dialogue via the mailbox.
How does submitting a report work?
  1. You are asked to read an information text to protect your anonymity and go directly to the reporting portal.
  2. On the following page you will be asked about the main focus of your report.
  3. On the whistleblower page, you can formulate your report in your own words and answer questions about the case using simple multiple-choice answers. After submitting your report, you will receive a reference number as a receipt.
  4. Then you can set up your own secure mailbox. This allows you to receive replies, answer questions and remain informed about the progress of your report.

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See. Report!

We can only protect the trust in our group and secure our common future if we work together!

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The whistleblower portal