AST-E Electric outward swinging doors

Product by

Schaltbau Bode Group

The Bode AST-E door system has proofed its high quality worldwide since decades. For more than 40 years, the secure and reliable door system has performed convincingly, especially for vehicles speed between 80 km/h and 120 km/h, thanks to its leaktightness.

Clear width: 750 – 1,200 mm
Drive: electric
Maintenance frequency: maintenance-free
Use: from -30°C to 80°C
Locking unit: Locking secured via lifting movement in lifting wedges and / or motor current
Control unit / diagnostics: Bode Control Unit TA 12-24 or alternative control unit
Sensors: Pressure wave or sensitive edge in the primary closing edges / potentiometer on the locking column



Secure locking unit

Reliable locking unit with cylinder variants, finger guard,
sensing via pressure wave or electric sensitive edge.