Composite solutions for interiors and exteriors

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Schaltbau Alte Group

In its brand-new, state-of-the-art composites factory, Schaltbau Alte is able to manufacture any kind of interior or exterior FRP (fiber-reinforced-plastic) parts, from simple and smaller components up to very complex and large elements such as train frontals. If required, an experienced team of project & development engineers will design the most suitable solution, combining different materials such as FRP, HPL, sandwich, aluminum or stainless steel in compliance with the most demanding quality standards and industry norms.

During the production process, our experts use the most adequate fibres (carbon fibre, fibre glass, aramid) in combination with high quality resins (polyester, phenolic, vinyl-ester, epoxy, acrylic) in order to achieve the best possible results in terms of mechanical resistance, durability, environmental sustainability and compliance with all relevant fire & smoke standards (e.g. EN 45545, BS 857). In the modern 80 sqm paint shop our skilled painters give a perfect finish to our products.

The range of components to be made of FRP materials is significant in railway vehicle interiors and exteriors. It comprises parts as window and lateral claddings, ceiling central and side panels, HVAC air ducting, vestibule claddings, coating of PISs (passenger information systems), driver desks, front ends, external capings, etc.

Schaltbau Alte has the capability to directly integrate different electrical, mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic sub-systems onto the different GRP parts, allowing to offer complete plug & play solutions reducing complexity in the supply chain and assembly lines of our customers.