Electric inward swinging doors with CADS®, IST-CADS®

Product by

Schaltbau Bode Group

With IST-CADS® you have a system which has all the advantages of CADS®: From easy installation to low-maintenance operation.

In addition, you save around 8 kg weight compared to an inward swinging door with conventional electric drive. CADS® IST “snap on”. Saves weight, time and up to 0.33l fuel every 100km for each door system.

Clear width: 750 – 1,200 mm
Drive: electric
Maintenance frequency: maintenance-free
Use: from -30°C to 80°C
Locking unit: Locking secured via integrated brake in CADS® Drive
Control unit / diagnostics: Bode Control Unit TA 12-24 or alternative control unit
Sensors: Pressure wave or sensitive edge in the primary closing edges / intelligent position sensor in CADS®


Reliable drives

CADS® made by Bode proves its worth in practice excellently. Even the installation is very easy for you. The curved area of the roof remains free, allowing you more design options. Thanks to the modular design and preset emergency release the cost of installation and setting is reduced substantially.


Secure locking unit

BSU locking unit with cylinder variants finger guard, sensing via pressure wave or electric sensitive edge.

Door frame

Door frame made of lightweight aluminium profiles incl. glazing, seal, edge sensing and locking unit. doorframe