SST Electric sliding plug doors

Product by

Schaltbau Bode Group

The doors open conveniently close to the vehicle. The minimum installation space of this system is a pleasant surprise during installation.

During operation the SST shows its other clear advantages: The little space during the opening cycle is highly appreciated by drivers and customers – nobody has to get out of the way, passengers aren’t obstructed. The doors are kept securely closed without consuming any energy by the mechanism and / or its locking device. The new SST uses the same connection points as AST and IST. As a single or double-panel variant, your electric drive provides reliable technology in minimum space, favourable preconditions for installation and operation and fulfills the requirements of the relevant standards.

Clear width: 750 – 1,200 mm
Drive: electric / pneumatic
Maintenance frequency: maintenance-free / low-maintenance
Use: from -30°C to 80°C
Locking unit: the doors are kept securely closed without energy consumption due to rotary latch lock
Steuerung/ Diagnostik: Bode TA12-24 control unit
Sensors: Sensitive edge in the rear primary closing edge / motor current monitoring



Secure locking unit

The locking unit of the drive and the additional locking system of the columns ensure a secured fixation of the door system under operation, even under worst road conditions.