Railway Signal Technology

The Schaltbau Pintsch Group is an expert for SIL-4 level crossing systems and signal technology systems which secure rail traffic all over Germany and abroad.

Signal systems that secure the intersections of railway lines and roads need to be exceptionally reliable and always available. Moreover, a level crossing system needs to be simple to operate and maintain. Schaltbau Pintsch Bamag level crossing systems meet all of these requirements. We develop, produce, install and maintain complete level crossing systems, including their switch housings or cabinets, power supplies, battery charging equipment and exterior components. Our product portfolio includes:

  • RBÜT computer-controlled level crossing safety technology
  • RBUEP computer-controlled level crossing safety technology
  • Level crossing components
  • Signal system components

Signal technology systems made by Schaltbau Pintsch Tiefenbach are designed to automatically control and monitor points and signal systems on both a centralised and a decentralised basis. SIL-4 axle counter systems determine whether sections of a railway line are occupied or free to use. Technically supported train control systems take a great deal of pressure off train and shunting personnel on the ground and considerably reduce the risk arising from human error. Our product portfolio includes:

  • Electric locally operated points technology and signal systems for marshalling areas
  • Remote control systems for relay points control systems
  • Technically supported train control system
  • Axle counter systems

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