ALR-IV Electric ramp

Product by

Schaltbau Bode Group

Maximum floor clearance for urban and suburban bus routes. The electric ramp with Bode’s ramp control unit is the robust alternative to the under-chassis ramp.

It is based on standard Bode components and thanks to its optimised materials it is corrosion resistant. The modular box-type design enables it to be installed in the floor, quickly and easily.

Treadplate: 850 mm x 690 mm
Total weight of each system: approx. 42 kg
Maintenance frequency: maintenance-free
Use: with maximum 350 kg load capacity
Locking unit: self-retaining and via motor short-circuit
Control unit / diagnostics: Bode TA 12-24 control unit (external) or internal relay control
Sensors: integrated step and edge sensing, electronically controlled retention system, optional additional safety diagnostics


Control unit

Optional With integrated or external control unit and extensive sensing. Can be adapted easily and directly to the vehicle bus system via the CAN/CAN-open bus.

Emergency release

Manual extension or retraction with the help of a crank handle or ratchet, or a hexagon socket wrench.

Safety devices

  • electronic obstacle detection
  • locking unit device for „retracted“ position
  • slip-resistant tread surface
  • automatically lowering bottom strip