Bode – The Door

Bode – Die Tür GmbH, headquartered in Kassel with subsidiaries and production locations in the UK, Poland, Turkey, US, China and South Korea, is specialised in manufacturing, maintaining and providing service for failsafe, intelligent vehicle door systems for rolling stock, buses and utility vehicles. Bode ranks as one of the world’s leading providers of innovative door and boarding systems and holds a market leading position in Europe.

Bode boarding systems ensure enhanced safety and comfort on rail and roads thanks to their intelligent sensor technology and versatile digital functions. Bode delivers fully fledged systems impressing with the most advanced, cutting-edge safety technology and boarding aids for tube and metro, trams, regional trains, railcars, as well as bullet trains, and not least for city buses and coaches, transporters and electrical utility vehicles. 

The Bode group of companies also delivers windows for railway rolling stock, complete interior fit-outs and special structures such as train roofs.

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