Bode – The Door

Bode is a leading supplier of innovative door and boarding systems for buses, trains and commercial as well as electric vehicles worldwide and the number 1 in Europe.

Bode boarding systems are equipped with smart sensor technology and a variety of digital features that provide increased safety, durability and passenger convenience when travelling by rail or road. Its range of services includes the development, production, installation and commissioning of high-quality door and boarding systems. Moreover, Bode also manufactures interior fittings for road vehicles and rolling stock.
In the rail sector, Bode supplies complete systems equipped with state-of-the-art safety technology and boarding aids for underground trains, metros, trams, regional trains and railcars as well as high-speed trains. Bode door systems are to be found in the platforms of a great many well-known urban bus and coach manufacturers, and a growing number of automotive manufacturers are also deploying Bode boarding systems. Bode’s range of products for road vehicles comprises sliding doors with guide systems for box bodies as well as for the sliding side doors of commercial vans and electrically powered commercial vehicles. Bode’s customer base for these products consists of well-known manufacturers of commercial vehicles.

These facts make Bode one of the most important producers of smart door and boarding systems in Europe for the markets of tomorrow and a key partner to train and rail systems manufacturers as well as the bus and automobile sectors worldwide. Bode is therefore also excellently positioned to install its systems in autonomously driving buses and trains.

Bode is a global player that operates development and production sites in Kassel (Germany), Rawicz (Poland), Bursa (Turkey), Spartanburg (USA) and Shenyang (China).

Bode. The Door.