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Master controller for suburban trains in Gdansk

  • Delivery date: 03/ 2016
  • Location: Gdansk, Poland
  • Product category: Drivers Desk and Cab

The driver of the brand new commuter train of Gdansk has everything under control. By pushing a button installed in the joystick handle with the thumb, he can easily operate the dead man’s switch.

The S334 C306R series master controller from Schaltbau was designed in close collaboration with the customer for the new 4-car low-floor class 31WE Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) of the Newag IMPULS family intended for Gdansk commuter service. The controller meets all requirements of today’s EMUs and has made it to become a platform product of the Polish manufacturer.

Other Schaltbau products to be found in these EMUs are CT1000, C195, C193 and C164 series contactors rack mounted in the switchgear cabinet of the traction inverters and functioning as main and auxiliary contactors.