Our vision


We develop energy and mobility concepts that are smart, sustainable and safe. Schaltbau is a leading technology supplier for rolling stock, rail infrastructure, road vehicles and other industrial applications. It is a pioneer and key technology partner in the field of safe, sustainable energy and mobility solutions.

Smart solutions for Power

Demand for decentralised energy concepts, energy storage systems and smart network control is continuously growing, particularly for the energy-intensive markets of the future such as new energy, electromobility and DC industry.

In the course of the energy transition, DC energy is becoming increasingly important. As one of the few experts in the field of DC technology and an internationally leading supplier of DC switching technology, the Schaltbau Group is laying the technological foundation required to power tomorrow’s resource-friendly, safe, efficient energy concepts.

Smart solutions for Mobility

The world of mobility is also going through fundamental changes. The increasing connectivity of vehicles, autonomous driving, digital mobility and transportation services as well as electric mobility for the entire transport system – whether in cars, buses or trains – are more than ever calling for the utmost level of safety and innovative technologies.

As an internationally leading supplier of components and systems for mobile and stationary transportation technology, the Schaltbau Group ensures safe, convenient travel by road and rail. The Schaltbau Group has established itself as a global driver of innovation and a technology partner for mobility providers by developing state-of-the-art technologies. With their safety solutions, Schaltbau Group companies are already setting tomorrow’s standards for safe, efficient, reliable mobility concepts today, providing technical solutions that make mobility far more convenient.

Innovative and sustainable

The Schaltbau Group is an established developer and producer of state-of-the-art transportation technology and an expert for the safety and availability of electric mobility. It has the expertise to help design and promote innovative developments in future markets such as new energy, electromobility, DC industry, smart building and autonomous driving.

At the same time, the Schaltbau Group is an active, responsible corporate citizen. The Schaltbau Group’s business activities are all based on responsibility, trust, reliability and innovation. That’s why Schaltbau continuously works to use resources efficiently to build sustainability into everything it does.