Our innovations

The world has been changing rapidly – driven by mega-trends such as urbanisation and digitisation. New concepts for the generation and use of energy make companies in many industries face major challenges. In particular, energy-intensive future industries require efficient, resource-saving and sustainable solutions. Also, there are revolutionary changes in mobility. The increasing interconnectedness of vehicles, the advances in autonomous driving, the development of digital mobility and transport services, and in particular electromobility, are leading to a fundamental shift in transportation.

By developing innovative products and solutions for safety and comfort on roads and railways as well as intelligent DC-based energy concepts, the Schaltbau Group is actively promoting the transformation of mobility and energy. The Schaltbau Group has successfully positioned itself worldwide as a reliable technology partner and specialised innovation driver for future markets such as new energy, electromobility and DC industry.

The companies of the Schaltbau Group continue to develop in their range of products and services. Their know-how and their passion for energy and mobility transfer them to new fields of application. They cover a broad portfolio of systems, components and customer-specific applications that create new enablers for the safety, reliability and efficiency of future technologies, driven by new intelligent functions and their increasing interconnectedness.

The Schaltbau Group has been awarded the Innovation Prize 2019.

Together with the German Focus Group, the Institute for Management and Economic Research annually awards prizes for the innovative strength of companies based on these categories: Innovation, investment, research and development, new products and technology.

Schaltbau has been awarded a prize in the “Automation and Systems Technology” category. This prestigious award underscores the degree of public interest in the innovative solutions the Schaltbau Group creates.