Protecting the climate: E-mobility for delivery services too

Climate change, urbanisation and digitalisation are key megatrends that are also having a profound and lasting impact on state-of-the-art mobility strategies. The Schaltbau subsidiary Bode is paving the way for transforming urban mobility with innovative technologies for e-delivery services.

Whether clothes, books or even food: More and more people in Germany are meanwhile buying many of their goods online, as bargains are just a few clicks away and conveniently delivered to their homes. Last year, parcel delivery services transported almost twelve million shipments to companies and households throughout the country – per day.1 One of the major challenges posed by the growing level of online commerce and the increasingly globalised transportation of goods is the issue of sustainability. Numerous logistics companies are working on more sustainable mobility strategies with the ultimate aim of either reducing or completely eliminating emissions from road, air and sea transport.

This is how the logistics giant Deutsche Post DHL wants to become climate-neutral by 2050. The entire postal fleet of about 70,000 vehicles is to be replaced by electric cars – a strategy that can reduce the negative environmental impact of vehicle traffic – especially its carbon emissions. The company currently operates a fleet of over 10,000 fully electric StreetScooters on public roads. However, the StreetScooters not only feature the advantages of an electric drivetrain, they are also making a name for themselves with their smart design. Above all, their box bodies are fitted with robust and proven sliding door technology designed by the Schaltbau subsidiary Bode to ensure that parcels are handled quickly, easily and above all safely, which not only benefits the suppliers, it also ensures far greater efficiency.

Bode – The Door, the specialist for innovative door systems for road and rail vehicles, develops and produces state-of-the-art door systems that facilitate entry into the mobile world of tomorrow. The lightweight box bodies for small trucks are setting new standards for reliable, long-lasting sliding door technology and have already been deployed successfully many times, such as in the StreetScooters operated by Deutsche Post DHL.

The demand for the innovative and reliable small truck bodies for electric vehicles manufactured by the Schaltbau subsidiary Bode is also growing with the increasing importance of low-emission logistics solutions. True to its slogan “SMART SOLUTIONS FOR POWER AND MOBILITY“, as a major technology partner, the Schaltbau Group ensures that smart e-mobility concepts can be implemented efficiently, quickly and in line with the specific needs of its customers.

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Image: Cgfalco, StreetScooter Work, CC BY 4.0