Digitisation in the mobility sector: the smart boarding system

The Schaltbau Group is promoting digitisation in the mobility sector and making transportation systems fit for the future. Bode smart boarding systems invite you to step into the mobile world of tomorrow.

Some 7.2 billion people currently live on planet Earth, around 3.9 billion of them in cities, accounting for 54% of the world’s inhabitants. This represents a growing trend, as according to a UN forecast, more than 80% of the population are likely to live in large urban areas by 2050. The trend is already creating new requirements for traffic infrastructure, which are being met with new, state-of-the-art mobility concepts such as e-mobility, car sharing and, not least, autonomous driving. Whether trains, cars or commercial vehicles, every mobility solution requires boarding systems.

We are highly committed to providing greater safety and convenience for cars and trains

For 50 years now, Bode. The Door. has specialised in developing and manufacturing electric and pneumatic vehicle door systems. As a Schaltbau Group company, Bode is promoting innovative technologies in growth markets such as the fast-growing public transport and electromobility sectors.

True to its motto “safety through digitalisation”, Bode develops innovative door systems for trains, buses and commercial vehicles (such as the StreetScooter for Deutsche Post DHL) with the aim of increasing both safety and convenience when boarding and exiting as well as loading and unloading. Innovative sensor technology combined with the smart digital features of Bode boarding systems provide a maximum of convenience and safety.

The door of the future can do a lot more

Going forward, smart doors will take on additional tasks such as automatic opening (without pressing a button). Two laser sensors fitted on the inside and outside of the doors record and monitor the entire boarding area. The door recognises when a passenger wants to get on or off and opens as required. Individually programmable functions, such as step boarding systems to reduce the distance to the platform, increase passenger safety when boarding and exiting.

This sensor-based technology will also be able to record passenger movements and the number of travellers on a train or coach, by means of a graphic display of seat occupancy and free spaces, for example.

The use of Bode smart door systems also has further advantages, such as savings on components and lower operating costs. The Bode smart door and its additional features offer reliable solutions for the increasing mobility requirements of a growing society.

Bode. The Door.