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Entance door and step systems for Coradia LINT

  • Project period: 2014 – 2015
  • Location: Germany
  • Product category: Rail Door Systems

On the vlexx lines in the Diesel Südwest network, 63 new, modern vehicles of the type Coradia LINT made by ALSTOM Transport Deutschland are in use.

The vehicle fleet is made up of two type groups. 45 vehicles of the type Coradia LINT 54 were ordered as two-piece diesel multiple units with 162 seats. The fleet was supplemented with 18 three-piece diesel multiple units of the type Coradia LINT 81 with 264 seats.

The Bode BIDS sliding plug doors have been delivered to different customers since 2005, in total more than 33,000 systems are in use to date.

The Bode BISS sliding step systems have been established on the market since 2003 and more than 40,000 systems have been delivered to date.