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Entrance door and step systems for TALENT 2

  • Delivery period: 2008 – 2015
  • Location: Germany
  • Product category: Rail Door Systems

TALENT 2 is the name of a family of multi-unit trains made by Bombardier Transportation. The acronym TALENT stands for “Talbot leichter Nahverkehrs-Triebwagen” (Talbot light local transport multi-unit). The TALENT 2 is technically not related to the  Bombardier Talent multi-unit originally developed and built by Talbot.

The TALENT 2 multi-unit sets are listed in the German vehicle registration register as Series 0442, 1442, 2442 and 9442 and by the  Deutsche Bahn as Series 442, 1442 and 2442. The middle cars are designated  Series 443, 1443, 2443 and 9443.

The Bode BIDS sliding plug doors have been delivered to different customers since 2005, in total more than 33,000 systems are in use to date.

The Schaltbau Bode BISS sliding step systems have been established on the market since 2003 and more than 40,000 systems have been delivered to date.