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LED headlight with light/dark boundary for the ICE4

  • Project period: 2013 – 2021
  • Location: Germany
  • Product category: Lighting Systems

Best visibility thanks to the innovative LED headlight with light/dark boundary in the new ICE 4 . For the first time worldwide, this new development, equipped with the latest and energy-saving LED technology including an integrated light/dark boundary, was installed on a railway vehicle.

The LED headlight with light/dark boundary can be used without blinding drivers of approaching vehicles. Therefore, a prolonged and continuous use of the headlight function is possible, which also significantly improves the track illumination – especially regarding long-distance ranges. Due to the earlier recognition of track signs and track conditions, reaction time for drivers increases resulting in a greater safety for himself and his passengers.

The LED headlight with light/dark boundary fulfills the actual standards according to TSI LOC&PAS:2014 respective EN 15153-1:2013, as well as the SIRF (safety guideline railway vehicle) by the integrated monitoring and diagnostic function to detect control and LED failures.

Due to the modular design, the LED-headlight with light/dark boundary can easily be adapted for other vehicles. Besides the new ICE 4, this product is actually used for refurbishment projects of locomotives BR101 and BR185.