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Microscopic traffic flow simulation for level crossings

  • Project period: 03/2014 – 08/2015
  • Location: Balingen, Germany
  • Product category: Railway Signal Technology

With the commissioning of the “Bü 47.0 Hurdnagelstraße” level crossing on Deutsche Bahn AG’s line 4630, the safety of a level crossing was successfully proven for the first time with the aid of the separate “microscopic traffic flow simulation” procedure.

A special consideration of safety was necessary due to the unusual design of the level crossing as a roundabout with a large number of approach roads.

The railway track is crossed twice by the traffic lanes of a road at the same level, a situation which is not detailed by any example given in the Deutsche Bahn guidelines. Working in close cooperation with DB Netz AG and the German Federal Railway Authority, Schaltbau Pintsch Bamag succeeded in proving the safety of this extraordinary configuration by making reference to the simulation during the course of the planning approval process. The implementation planning of the control and safety systems as well as the construction engineering were also delivered by Schaltbau Pintsch Bamag. After the completion of the approval process, the level crossing was realized with the RBÜT system.