DC-Revolution: Smart DC-based energy concepts

DC power supply is the basis for many energy-intensive future technologies. The new energy, electomobility, DC industry or smart building sectors are dependent on innovative and efficient energy concepts based on DC technology.

Both alternative energy sources (solar, wind power) and energy consumers (e-mobility, DC industry, smart building) are moving towards direct current (DC). Compared to alternating current (AC), DC is more resource-conserving because it can be recuperated, i. e. recovered and stored (e. g. in batteries, supercaps), and it can be transported almost loss-free, even over long distances.

For a long time direct current was almost “dead” and almost extinct in the 90s. The DC technology survived and developed almost exclusively in the railway sector. Current technological advances have changed the situation to DC, allowing the many advantages of DC compared to AC to be used today. In particular, efficiency gains through the use of DC are the decisive factor for the increasing use.

As a result of these new requirements, DC technology is entering new markets worldwide and is disrupting the traditional AC technology market.

The safe shut-off of DC is still a major challenge for most players in the market – but not for the Schaltbau Group. Due to its many years of experience and proven expertise in railway technology, in which DC is still standard, the Schaltbau Group is one of the world’s leading technology providers and one of the few experts in DC switching technology.

Already today there is an active demand for innovative products and customer-specific solutions for the use of DC from Schaltbau in the future markets. For example, for Schaltbau DC contactors, which enable safe DC switching, or for the high-performance fast-charging stations for electric vehicles made available by the individual solution specialist SBRS.

In line with its slogan “SMART SOLUTIONS FOR POWER AND MOBILITY“, the Schaltbau Group, as a key technology partner, ensures that smart DC-based energy concepts can be implemented more efficiently and more quickly. As a result, the companies of the Munich-based Group are significantly supporting the further development of new technologies and translating these into applicable and safe innovative solutions for use in the energy and mobility sectors.