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The first PINTSCH BAMAG level crossing protection system at DB Netz AG

  • Delivery period: 05/2016 - 06/2017
  • Country of assignment: Mainaschaff, Germany
  • Product category: Railway Signalling Technology

As a part of the modernization of its network, in June 2017 DB Netz AG put into operation one of the larg­est interconnected level crossing protection systems, supplied by PINTSCH BAMAG of Dinslaken. Located in the Region “Mitte”, it is on the Darmstadt – Aschaffenburg (3557)line, Mainaschaff junction – Steinerts junction (5227). The system is Pintsch Bamag’s RBUEP model, based upon vital computer controlled level crossing technology. The new generation of level crossing protection technology ful­fils the requirements of SIL 4 CENELEC (CENELEC – Comité Europeéen de Normalisation Electrotechnique, SIL – Safety In­tegrity Level).

This is a further significant milestone for Pintsch Bamag as a supplier of large level crossing protection systems to DB Netz AG and a prerequisite for highly effective, efficient rail opera­tion.

The four-track Mainaschaff level crossing is located on the two-track, electrified main line 3557 as well as on the connecting curve between Steinerts junction and Mainaschaff junction, line 5227 at km 0.293 in the municipality of Mainaschaff. The two level crossings are only approx. 20 m apart and must therefore be regarded from a signalling point of view as a single level cross­ing. Before the upgrade, the level crossing was secured by a me­chanical barrier system with SpM.

The level crossing protection system is an RBUEP LzHH/8F-Hp, aided by two danger zone monitoring systems (GFR). The sys­tem controls 16 barrier drives, 18 road traffic light signals and 8 pedestrian warning acoustic devices.