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MK III powered door conversion

  • Project period: 2011 – 2013
  • Location: UK
  • Product category: Refurbishment

The aim for this project was to develop a third generation standard passenger carriage (MK III) for British Rail suitable for use past 2020. Key requirements included fast boarding times, compliance for passengers with reduced mobility and powered bodyside doors. The door system had to be integrated in the vehicle structure with minimum alteration, maintaining the existing vehicle profile and gauging.

The corner door was replaced by a PRM compliant 800 mm door, incorporating the door well and step depth and allowing for door header gear fitting. Train control modifications included the door interlock and overrides.

The scope of supply includes:
• Header gear
• Out of service lock
• Pneumatic module
• Door control unit
• Rotary waist lock
• Access device
• Door panel assembly
• Lower guidance
• Egress device
• Portal frame & inflatable seal

The external vehicle modification extended to the unused cantrail, the solebar, the end pillar as well as the relocation and widening of the doorway. The internal modification consisted of the extension of the vestibule area, the relocation of toilets and storage as well as internal control wiring and pneumatics.

The system as a whole will conform to following standards:
• People with Reduced Mobility (PRM)
• GM/RT 2473 – Power Operated External Doors on Passenger Carrying Rail Vehicles
• GM/RT 2100 – Structural Requirements for Railway Vehicles
• GM/RT 2456 – Structural Requirements for Windscreens and Windows on Railway Vehicles
• GM/RT 2130 – Vehicle Fire, Safety and Evacuation
• GM/RT 2457 – Structural requirements for doors