Our strategy

Since its founding, the Schaltbau Group has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of technologies for rolling stock, rail infrastructure and other industrial applications. Schaltbau is a highly specialised provider of key technologies in important future-oriented markets such as new energy, electromobility and DC industry. As a leading supplier of transportation technology and an expert for DC technology, Schaltbau also perceives itself as an innovation driver in the fields of energy and mobility. The majority of the Group’s activities are covered by its brands Schaltbau, Bode, Pintsch and SBRS, the specialist for customised solutions. As the parent company, Schaltbau Holding AG provides the ideal structural and organisational conditions for these brands to strategically focus on their core competencies and develop them successfully.

Schaltbau – Connect Contact Control

The Schaltbau brand has successfully established itself as an expert for safe DC switching technology and an internationally leading supplier of electromechanical DC components. As one of the few specialists in this field, Schaltbau continues to build its technological leadership in the energy and mobility markets of the future.
The DC-based switch market relevant for Schaltbau has a current volume of around EUR 300 million worldwide. According to experts, this market will grow to over EUR 1.2 billion by 2025, i.e. by an average of more than 20% per year. Schaltbau will be part of this growth and have the opportunity to grow its market share.*

Bode – The Door

Bode is a globally leading supplier of innovative door and boarding systems for buses, trains and commercial vehicles. In 2018, the market volume for rolling stock door systems totalled around USD 700 million worldwide. Due to the increasing demand for smart door systems, the market volume is expected to grow by around 10-15% per year. Bode plans to significantly enlarge its current market share of 30-35% in Europe and 18-20% globally.** Bode smart door systems are becoming increasingly important components, particularly when it comes to autonomous vehicles, which are often also electrically driven.

Pintsch – Safety for Rail

The specialist for innovative, reliable infrastructure for railway transportation has successfully positioned itself as a trusted partner of Deutsche Bahn and other infrastructure operators on domestic and foreign markets.
In addition to high-quality point heating systems and signal technology for rail infrastructure, innovative sensor technology for industry and mining is a sector of growing international importance.
On this basis and with the continuous development of its range of products and services, Pintsch will continue to grow.

SBRS – Efficiency First

SBRS, the specialist for customised solutions in the Schaltbau Group, provides its customers with everything they need to either fully or partly refurbish trains, systems and components – along with the corresponding services. SBRS also sells fast charging stations for electric vehicles, ideally combining the range of products and applications of established Schaltbau Group brands with its own expertise.
SBRS provides customers with tailor-made solutions that can be quickly deployed to meet the specific requirements of small-scale production. To achieve optimal results, SBRS ideally combines the expert knowledge of the Schaltbau Group with that of third parties. With its focused strategy, the company has established its reputation as an esteemed specialist in only two years.

* Source: Schaltbau’s estimate for the regions Europe, the USA, China and Russia, based on external studies and in-house assessments
** Source: Bode’s estimate based on external studies and in-house assessments